Kornik beautification work unit- We have done various beautification projects by many Departments of Jharkhand Government and many Private Organizations.
Kornik development work and management - We have successfully 15 months run Shilpa gram ( Tourist spot ) Department of Tourism, Jharkhand Government under the guidance of District Administration. 

Kornik craft work production unit - Kornik holds product many painting, sculpture, craft work,  especially by youth artists and artisans. In groups of unemployed youths, poor ,helpless women and handicap children.

Kornik Welfare work unit- Frequently Kornik holds vocational training programmes, workshops, demonstrations and seminars especially for women to make them economically strong and self –dependent, thus, turning raw hands into trained and earning hands.

Kornik Cultural Development unit- Kornik  organized many cultural events and helped to many cultural groups at Deoghar. Classical programmes were organized in which many National level artists had participated.

Mission of Kornik- To create a general awareness towards art and to spread the essence of colours in human life.
Vision of Kornik- Develop a number of small units in the society on the basis of their creative activities irrespective of
the caste, creed and sex. To provide them better knowledge and earning facilities, training for self dependent activities, development of cultural activities, inculcate in them the social values to make them self reliant to make the society self-sustainable.  

Goal of Kornik- Links human to the beautiful, colourful and creative world. Shatters the destructive attitudes and streamline the strength of the every person.

Motto of Kornik- Curtails the political, religious and linguistic differences among people and connects them to wonderful world of art.

Objects of Kornik- Kornik has following major objective:-

  • Give knowledge to all persons regarding Art and Culture.
  • Conservation and promotion of our culture and natural heritage.
  • Conservation of hidden and antique pieces.
  • Entrepreneurship skill development, employment.
  • All round upliftment of the neediest, sufferers and unemployed and their dwellers through sustainable development.
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