Preliminary Course : - Basic Drawing methods, Drawing Birds , Vegetables, Fruits, Flower etc. wt teach pencil sketch, oil pastel, sketch pen work and check class assignments .
First year :- Free hand Drawing with pencil , oil pastel and use of water colour foliage study, still life Perspective drawing and outdoor study etc.

Second Year &Year (Junior Diploma ) :-
 Practical : Basic Figure drawing and composition, Anatomy, Animal study,  still life painting and our door study . Lessons are given in free hand  sketching, water colours, class assignment / student project.

Theory : History of arts and artists, history of civilization,(N.B) Syllabus will be completed  in two successive years)

Fourth Year & Fifth Year(Senior Diploma ) :-
 Practical : Life study, Composition, still life painting, portrait painting  and outdoor study  . Lesson are  given class assignment/ student project.
Theory:  History of arts, artists and civilization.

Sixth Year & Seventh Year (Specialization) :-
Practical : Life Drawing, Motion figure antique study, composition, portrait painting and outdoor study . Lesson are given in water colour , wash, tempara and oil painting . Class assignment/ student Project.
Theory : History of art artists and civilization.  

  1. Sketching : It si the most vital step in learning art . In this course designing, portrait, basic knowledge of land scape, figures are given with the help of pencil and charcoal etc on different surface.
  2. Designing : Various patterns, designs on fabric, paper etc. is taught basic knowledge of commercial and textile design is also introduced.
  3. Water Colour : Compact Knowledge of painting through water colour which is considered to be the toughest but the most sensitive and loud medium of art is given it consists of both theory as well as practical classes .
  4. Oil Painting : The Preliminary Knowledge of oil Painting is taught here. It is also taught that how oil painting can be done on different surfaces. The Basic Knowledge of Drawing is also taught.
  5. Graphics : (a) LINO PRINT (b)WOOD PRINT (C)MONO PRINT

This art of curving, etching pictures and is printing is taught in this course .

  1. Cartoon Drawing : Complete Knowledge of Cartoon Drawing and Basic Knowledge  of animation drawing is given  Besides, free – had sketching of figures is taught.
  2. Fabric Painting : In this course fabric painting is taught. The art of Fabric painting , its use and to make it more charming are taught to e the students.
  3. Batik Print : In this course clothes and leather are coloured by Batik  Process .
  4. Tie & Dye : In the course how cloth can be properly coloured  by tying it fast and then dye is taught.
  5. Interior Decoration : Interior Decoration, with the help of natural setting and to make different objects to beautify the interior of   a house is taught with great care, Practical and theoretical classes are held.
  6. Thermocol Work : In this Course Decoration with thermocol is taught. Besides, it teaches how thermocol is used for advertisement purpose.

      Wood Craft :- It is divided into two groups :

  1. Roots Branches Shells can be assembled to make stunning show pieces, wall hanging etc. Naturally Damaged wood is given an artistic form.
  2. Cutting and fixing wood pieces into beautiful forms and design is taught under this courses.
  3. Pot Pouri :- Attractive Packing and display of dry flowers, fruits and leaves.
  4. Paper College:- Forming Pictures with the help of various coloured papers, news paper cuttings.


Preparation of creative ability knowledge for NIFT/ IIFT/ NIFD/ and other designing couses.

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